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Apidexin Reviews

Author: Richard A. Flavell

Apidexin is a quite expensive supplement that demonstrates a weight losing effect. It is produced in the USA by company NutriPharm LLC. Maybe it made other pills - Apidexin can be bought from the GNC market, Amazon and some other independent retailers on the Internet.

Positive aspects:
Its formula comprises one or two main ingredients.
Negative aspects:
Independent testimonials are mostly not positive.

Content of each Capsule

  • Caffeine Anhydrous (105 mg): Caffeine is used in a powder form. It is a strong stimulant that adds energy and improves attention. It has also some fat burning effect.
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract (100 mg): Produced from unroasted beans of coffee which are rich in chlorogenic acid that has proved effective in burning fat.
  • Green Select Phytosome Green Tea (75 mg): The health advantages of green tea are beyond doubt, but its reputation for helping to lose weight has never been sufficiently proved.
  • Irvingia Gabonensis (75 mg): It's a technical term for African mango seeds. Fat burning abilities of African Mango turned out to be disappointing.
  • Co-Enzyme Q10 (25 mg): Despite the fact that this enzyme can be found in the human body and helps to make energy from food, the FDA hasn't approved it as an ingredient for supplements. It often interferes with medications.

Guarantees given by the manufacturers on their official website:

1. Effective with 10 day cleanse in burning body fat (look 10 day cleanse);
2. Reduces hunger;
3. Fills with energy and focus (

How Apidexin Works?

It is recommended to take 1 to 3 tablets daily, but as there're only 30 tablets in a bottle, choosing the maximum dose will require great expenses from you. As producers state, Apidexin is very effective in burning fat and reducing appetite, but it's still recommended to exercise regularly and to consume only healthy food. However, it is mentioned that results can be diverse. There are also a few links to the information on the website about the advantages of the main ingredients, but the links often refer to sites giving only a brief survey of the study which is sometimes false. It is necessary to note that this product wasn't tested; no information on the website has been evaluated by the FDA, as well as none of the ingredients used in the product.

Testimonials about Apidexin

The official website contains the usual positive testimonials that are supposedly left by pleased customers. One of them says to have lost 88 lbs., but one can hardly believe it from accompanying photos "before" and "after". Such a great weight loss should be seen to the naked eye, but the photos depict almost identical figures of the customer. Amazon offers a less biased list of user opinions and almost all of reviews are negative. For instance, one review says that the product didn't work as promised; there were no results at all. This client recommends saving money.

Side Effects

There's no information on side effects, but caffeine can be harmful to people with cardiovascular diseases. Co Enzyme Q10 is known to lower levels of blood sugar which may be a contra-indication for diabetics. It also lowers the blood pressure and interferes with a number of medications. Ask your doctor before usage.

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Thanks, NYR