Use Thinking to Control Your Weight

This article tells about three top tips for training your way of thinking which can be easily implemented to improve your motivation and to help you in achieving your fitness and weight loss goals.

Tip #1: Make a decision to set only realistic and positive goals

In NLP, we are aware of the fact that our thinking is extremely important when it comes to successful achieving our desired goals. That's why it is highly recommended to make a positive and realistic goal. This is an important aspect because human mind can't process a negative statement, for example if someone is asked not to think of a pink horse, what will this person think about? Despite the fact that he or she is asked not to think of a pink horse, they will immediately get a picture of it in their mind. So your fitness and weight loss goals should be positively and realistically stated for you to be able to focus on them and to reach success soon.

Tip #2: Consider what you say to yourself

You have probably noticed that sometimes you're talking your mind. This is called self talk and it is completely normal. The problem is that we generally don't control our self talk and can be, accidentally, giving ourselves the wrong orders and instructions. For example, if you're too critical of yourself this will not allow you to complete your results. It doesn't always mean that if you repeat to yourself, "I don't wish to be overweight" is counterproductive and will make you fat. That's why you have to change your self talk and state only positive instructions to yourself what you want to be like instead, for instance, "I am active and I like exercising," "I eat healthy food, " "I can complete my results," "I deserve to be better now."

Tip #3: Don't forget about visualization

Try to use your imagination to create a clear picture of the new you. Imagine as if you were new and changed now, think about what you'll see when you've reached your goals. How will you feel and what will you hear with all the results you've achieved? You should also decide what will achieving these results allow you to do? Imagining all this in your mind, create a sensory picture of what you will be like. Ensure that the picture is realistic and includes some visual aspects, for example as if you're looking at yourself while dancing at the party. Imagine the sounds of all the compliments you will hear from your friends and family members. Imagine your feelings, like feeling of proud of what you have reached and the feeling of excitement about the future that is waiting for you. You can also create in your mind any smells or tastes that may be important to you. Make sure that you lead a positive self talk.

Summary: In combination with your exercising regime, supplements and diet plan, remember to use the power of your mind to help you make results of your set weight loss goals which include creating positively stated and realistic goals, control of your self talk and making sure it is completely concentrated on your success and seeing what you will be like when you reach your goals.

Thanks, NYR