Stop Procrastinating and Start Motivating Yourself!

You have probably heard such words as, "I will start eating less tomorrow" or "I am not ready to go to the gym today, I'll do it in the morning when I feel better" or "I want to lose weight very much but...."

You've either made these statements yourself or you've heard them from someone else. In any case, they are so common.

But the greatest problem consists in the fact that "wanting" is not "doing", is it? Usually people have so many reasons for postponing doing something but because of not doing that they do not get any positive results they are waiting for, do they?

Have you ever thought what life will be like in 2 years if you don't do something? What will the consequences be in 5 years if you ignore doing it? What will happen in 10 years if you feel not ready to do something today? I think if you don't do it, then it will be much more difficult to do it in future than it is not. Besides, you may have so few choices to choose from then.

You future depends only on you because you are building it today and each moment. So you're given a perfect opportunity to take action today and to get on a way to creating your future. That's marvellous!

It's not difficult to get started too. Here're 5 Top Tips for Stopping Procrastinating for Your Success in Losing Weight

#1 First thing you have to do is to create a plan. It includes a plan of your physical exercises and a diet plan. You will also need to think of supplements to help you in reaching your goals. It is important to set only realistic goals. At first create short time goals for you to start with, the ones which would motivate you. Think how many pounds you can realistically lose during the next week. Note your goals on paper or make a file for your weight loss goals on your computer.

#2 And now you have to set some longer time goals: the ones you can achieve in 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year from now. Thinking on each goal try to imagine what you will look like at that period of time and how nice you will feel because you have managed to do it.

#3 Make up a diet plan or get an expert who would design it for you. Organize your meals and create a shopping list to buy only the items you have written. It's much easier to stick to a diet plan if the products are already in your refrigerator!

#4 Make up a work out plan or get an expert to create it for you. A work out plan doesn't mean that you'll have to spend all days in the gym! Again your plan must be realistic. It's always good to experiment with the sports activities you can participate in to find out what suits you. The main thing here is to move.

#5 Get a friend! Finding a person who will support you is a great way to be always motivated. Ask your partner or your friend to join you in your work outs or other activities. Having to be responsible before someone is a perfect trait that will help you to stay motivated with your work out plan and diet.

The main thing is to start and act!

Thanks, NYR