Questions You Should Ask Yourself to Lose Weight Successfully

If you've decided to change your body, the first thing you have to do is to set certain boundaries. Don't allow anyone to cross this boundary line and don't step on your boundaries yourself either. You have to be persistent. You have made a decision that is very important to you, that's why you have to show yourself for yourself and stick to your idea. It means that if someone tries to treat you with something tasty, that can be harmful to your figure, just refuse from it. When you say "No thanks", your answer should be firm enough. Even if they continue to tempt you, have strength to make your "No" a final response. This is the process of setting boundaries for other people. It is also important to stick to your boundaries by ignoring snacks because they are going to become a part of your body soon. If you break your boundaries and let others do it as well, you won't achieve the results you are waiting for.

The first question you should ask yourself: Do you truly wish to lose weight?

You will probably answer immediately, "Certainly, I do!" The thing is whether you are doing something to reach your goal and to maintain the previously determined boundaries. If nothng is really changed: you continue to eat as much as usual and you don't exercise, then you will not get rid of your problems. Thus, you're going to stay overweight or even gain more weight.

Now imagine for a moment what your life will be in some 20 years if you change nothing. What will you do when being a 80-year old overweight person you will at last have time to exercise? Will you be able to do it? Or maybe it will be too late:

Now it's time to ask yourself: How can I change?

Of course, you can create a certain plan of losing weight , i.e. Eat low-calorie food and Exercise. In case if you don't know what to eat and how much, it's recommended to consult a professional. The same concerns your sports activity; look for a professional help to design your plan of exercises, which will assist you to achieve your goal.

The question for you to answer next sounds like: Am I ready to do everything possible to lose weight?

You should be sure that you are charged to accomplish your plans. To make a change, it's not enough to just wish and pray for the result; you will get the results if you start acting. Otherwise you can simply forget of your empty idea.

Standing on the path of losing weight you'll undoubtedly face many obstacles and it's up to you to decide how to deal with them. On this stage you will have to answer the question: What can prevent me from achieving my goal?

If you reasonable answer this question you will get an opportunity to cope with any difficulty on the way to success.

Now you have to ask yourself: What can really motivate me?

For some people it's not a difficult task to motivate themselves, while others can be motivated only by their friends or relatives. If you don't have such people, simply find a coach who will control your staying on track.

Thanks, NYR